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There are multiple ways how you can get to the town of Valeč. Here are some of them:

GPS: 50°10'26.871"N, 13°15'16.427"E


If you’re interested, you can reserve a seat in our Povalečbus which departs from Prague. There are at least two buses departing on Thursday, two on Friday and two on Sunday.

The price for one ride is 290 CZK and the buses leave from Klubovna in Prague 6 - Dejvice.


Bike is also a convenient way of getting to Valeč. Last year a cycling group was organized and we hope to do it again this year.


Travelling by car is by far the easiest. Valeč lies near highway no.6 (also marked as E48) which goes from Prague to Karlovy Vary. Approximately 30km ahead of Karlovy Vary (near Lubenec), this highway is crossed by a small road no.194 that will take you directly to Valeč. Right before you enter Valeč, turn left through a gate and continue to the festival grounds.

GPS: 50°10'26.871"N, 13°15'16.427"E


We suggest you use a train rather than a bus, since it’s much easier. If going by train, get off at Libkovice station. The trains go here via city Rakovník. From Libkovice you must continue on foot, but it’s just 5km (via Kostrčany and Jiřeň).

You can download a map with the marked trail.


Buses to Valeč go from Žlutice, Bochov, Verušičky or from Lubenec. If going from Prague, get to Lubenec first and from there local buses go to Valeč - not very often though.