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Povaleč is a fenceless festival with a recommended entry fee system of admission. Essentially, the admission to the festival grounds is not free, but we leave the amount you want to contribute up to you. However, we do ask you to pay at least the minimum recommended sum, which is 800 CZK. Our festival does not have other substantial sources of income other than the entry fee and the profit made from bars. Hence, without the financial support from you as our visitors, we would not be able to run Povaleč the way we all know it and love it. We believe that the proposed sum is rather minimal, yet necessary to sustain the festival, given the three full days packed with diverse cultural line-up that awaits you. Thank you all for your contributions and for helping us to make Povaleč happen!

Those who contribute with at least the recommended amount, will receive a deluxe textile wristband as well as have the opportunity to order their Povaleč shirt in advance! (merch EN link more info here). Since we greatly value your support, we want to appropriately reward you and therefore if you decided to contribute with greater than the minimal recommended amount, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 1000 CZK and more – a free drink and free entry to the Valeč castle.
  • 1500 CZK and more – 3 free drinks, free entry to the Valeč castle and free access to the festival showers.

Like every year, you can also become the king or queen of Povaleč. A special ticket for 3000 CZK includes a deluxe embellished textile wristband, 3 free drinks, free access to the festival showers, and free entry to the Valeč castle.

Tickets can be bought on the spot or through the online presale, here. The admission to the festival is possible non-stop from Thursday to Sunday. Therefore, you can arrive early and leave whenever you had your fair share of fun as well as sleep!


At Povaleč, you do not have to pay for camping, however, you do have to pay for parking!

There are two parking options available this year. The standard parking spot near the A stage (located near the main entrance) costs 400 CZK*. Unfortunately, building your tent next to your car here is strictly forbidden due to both safety and capacity reasons. The second option is a park camp located near the northern entrance to the festival grounds (i.e., near the C stage). The price is also 400 CZK* but you are allowed to camp by your car here

Parking rates:

  • 400 CKZ per car* - price for the Parking near the main entrance.
  • 400 CZK per car* - price for the Parkcamp near the northern entrance.

  • * Prices include a refundable deposit of 100 CZK for a garbage bag, which you will receive upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded if you return the bag filled with trash before departure, either at one of the designated bars (A or C bar) or in the A stage car park by the accreditation’s office.