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Same as last year, you can pre-order your Povalec tickets, as well as you very own Povaleč Merch!

Entry to Povaleč is not free, but we leave it up to you how much you want to contribute. The minimal recommended amount this year is 800 CZK. If you contribute at least 800 CZK you will be rewarded with a commemorative textile wristband at the entrance. If you decide to contribute more, you will receive additional rewards. For a contribution of 1000 CZK or more, you will receive one free beer and free entry to the Valeč castle. If you contribute 1500 CZK or more, you will receive three free beers, free access to the festival showers and free entry to the castle. For more information, including any questions about the presale, click HERE. Presales is accessible either on our website, HERE, or via the BOOM platform

Surely tickets will be available on site, so why buy in advance?

Like every festival that has survived Covid and the start of the recent war, we don't know what will happen. Presale gives us confidence and hope not only for the current year but for years to come. The certainty of visitors arriving reduces the vision of possible loss and improves the mood of the whole team! In addition, anyone who buys a ticket at the presale can order a t-shirt from this year's Povaleč merch. The price of the T-shirt is 490 CZK. You can choose from the following two motifs for your Povaleč t-shirt (they will be available in different colour combinations). After paying for the t-shirt ticket option (this option is listed as a special ticket type in the presale), within a few days a form will be sent to you, so that you will be able to choose the colour you are interested in. All T-shirts are made from certified organic cotton.

This is how the merch will look, click on the image for better resolution!