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Entry to the festival grounds is not for free but we leave it up to you how much you want to contribute (that is why you cannot buy the ticket upfront, but only upon entering the festival grounds). However, we appeal to you to pay at least the minimal recommended sum, which is 350 CZK. Apartfrom the entry fee and the earnings we make from the bars, our festival does not have another substantial source of income. Hence, without the financial support of our guests, we wouldn’t be able to do Povaleč the way we all know it and love it. We believe the sum is rather minimal, given the threefull days packed with diverse cultural program. So thank you for your contributions and for making Povaleč happen!

All paying visitors have free entrance to the Valeč castle. If you want to contribute more than the minimal recommended sum, some small rewards are awaiting you. The tickets are both hierarchically and color-differentiated wristbands, ordered followingly:

  • 500 CZK and more – two free drinks
  • 650 CZK and more – two free drinks + free access to the festival showers

The 650 CZK wristbands are made from fabric (not from paper), being more resistant and can be removed from your hand without needing to be cut. Thus, they can be kept as a memory of the festival.

Entrance to the festival is opened nonstop from Thursday to Sunday.


On Povaleč, there are three parking options:

  • You can park your car in Parkcamp, which is located close to the main entrance on a flat football field. You are also allowed to build a tent there, located right next to your car.
    The price is 300 CZK.
  • Same applies to the Parkcamp located near the northern entrance of the festival compound (i.e., near the C stage).
    The price is also 300 CZK.
  • The third option is the car park, which is closer to the festival grounds, but you cannot build your tent there.
    The price is 200 CZK.

All three mentioned prices include a 50 CZK refundable deposit for garbage bags that you will recieve upon arrival and return filled when leaving.


There are two sites where you can build your tent on Povaleč. The first one is around A stage, the football field and B stage. The grassland here is vast, but open fire is strictly forbidden. Also, count on the noise at night coming from the two big stages.

If you’re looking for a more peaceful place, try the orchard around C stage - here the music production ends at 1 a.m. You cannot enter the orchard by car though and fire can be started only on assigned campfires.