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Povaleč is a fenceless festival with a recommended entry fee system of admission. Essentially, the admission to the festival grounds is not free, but we leave the amount you want to contribute up to you. However, we do ask you to pay at least the minimum recommended sum, which is 800 CZK. Our festival does not have other substantial sources of income other than the entry fee and the profit made from bars. Hence, without the financial support from you as our visitors, we would not be able to run Povaleč the way we all know it and love it. We believe that the proposed sum is rather minimal, yet necessary to sustain the festival, given the three full days packed with diverse cultural line-up that awaits you. You can read more about the admission fees and the philosophy of Povaleč in our FAQ (faq EN link).

This year’s tickets can be purchased both on the spot or in an online presale via the form below, or directly on the BOOM platform website. Those who purchase a ticket in advance have the option to order their Povaleč T-shirt along with it! For more information on the merch presale, click HERE.