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Where can I buy the festival ticket and how much does it cost?

Tickets for this year's Povaleč can be purchased through the online presale here. The available tickets include: the basic ticket (a minimum recommended entry fee) for 950 CZK, the medium-level ticket for 1200 CZK, the highest-level ticket for 1750 CZK, and the king/queen of Povaleč ticket is available for 3000 CZK. You will be rewarded with various bonuses for buying the more expensive tickets and you can also order your very own Povaleč T-shirt in the presale - and if you buy any ticket in the presale, you get a beer for free! Tickets of all categories will also be available on the spot.

What does it mean that Povaleč has a recommended entry fee?

Povaleč is characterised by its openness and fenceless nature. This does not mean though, that the entry is free. The minimum recommended admission fee (950 CZK) is, in our opinion, an adequate amount for a rich three-day programme. The income from admission fees is the main source of funding for a non-commercial festival like Povaleč, along with the income from bars. It is thanks to your contributions that Povaleč can keep existing the way we all love it!

Are single-day tickets available?

Due to the absence of fences and the openness of the festival grounds, one-day-only passes are not available for purchase. If you want to come for a shorter period of time and the minimum recommended admission amount seems too high, you can contribute a reduced amount. However, keep in mind that the income from tickets is one of the two main sources of funding for Povaleč.

What does it mean that Povaleč is non-commercial?

Povaleč takes a pride in being non-profit. This means that it does not have big commercial sponsors and its organizers work on Povaleč in their spare time. All of the festival's income (except for subsidies from government institutions) comes from ticket sales and earnings from bars.

Why buy tickets in the presale?

Like every festival that has survived Covid and the start of the recent war, we are tackling uncertainty on a daily basis. Presale income gives us a confidence and hope not only for the current year but for the upcoming years. The income from presale reduces the risk of a possible financial loss and improves the mood of the whole team! Additionally, everyone who buys a ticket in the presale can also order a t-shirt from the current Povaleč merch and thus be sure to not only find the lost and found clothes section in the Povalec information stand.

Where can I collect the reward for my ticket?

Your tickets come with bonuses, which will be given to you in the accreditation office alongside your festival wristband. If you ordered a t-shirt in the presale, you can pick it up anytime during the festival at the information stand, which is located right next to the main entrance.

I didn't receive an email confirming my ticket purchase. What should I do?

Please contact info@goout.cz with any problems regarding your ticket purchases.


How do I get to Valeč?

Due to limited parking capacities, we recommend traveling by bus. Our cooperation with FlixBus continues this year, and the bus connections to Valeč have been strengthened. More information can be found here.

If you want to travel by train, go to the Libkovice station. Trains to this station run through Rakovník. From Libkovice, you will need to walk, which is only about 5 km. The route goes through Kostrčany and Jeřeň. You can also download a detailed map with the route marked from Libkovice to Valeč.

You can, of course, also drive to Valeč. Please use the Facebook event to find passengers or offer available seats. Due to limited parking capacities, it is crucial that as few cars as possible come to Valeč.

How and where to park and camp at Povaleč?

There are two parking lots at Povaleč. We charge 500 CZK/car* at the parking lot by the A-stage. Camping next to your car is forbidden here for both safety and capacity reasons. The second option is a parkcamp at C-stage, where it is allowed to camp right next to the car. The price for a spot here is also 500 CZK*. The main tent village is located in the orchard next to the C-stage and there is no charge for camping there.

*Prices include a refundable deposit of 100 CZK for garbage bags, which you will receive upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded if you return the bags with trash before departure either at the bar or in the car park by the accreditation’s office

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

Dogs are not banned from Povaleč, but we don't recommend you bring them either since in our experience, it is often a rather traumatic experience for them. If you decide to bring your dog to the festival, nevertheless, please clean up after them, and make sure that they do not run around the festival grounds without a muzzle.

Is there an ATM in Valeč?

Unfortunately, there is no ATM in Valeč, but the closest ones are located in Verušičky, Žlutice or Podbořany. For that reason, we recommend that you take a sufficient amount of cash to the festival. A cashless payment option is also available at the festival trough terminals, although this option is not necessarily available at all bars and stands.

What about food and drinks?

There will be a wide selection of coffee and food stands at the festival grounds that will surely satisfy all your refined taste buds and cravings. The festival bars are also excited to serve you and will be offering a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Although no one will be checking your bags at the entrance, please keep in mind that the income from bars is one of the two main sources of income for Polavec and we would greatly appreciate if you choose to buy drinks at our bars, over bringing your own beers.

All drinks are served in deposit cups with a refundable deposit of 50 CZK. You will receive a special token with your first drink, without which your deposit cannot be refunded! This is to prevent people from stealing cups and making money of it.